The World Of A Child - A shoot for Amrit Somani Memorial Centre

Children have their own way of seeing. Children also have their own way of being seen!

Try telling a child - "please stand still", or " would you please stand here, and look a little to your left, with your chin slightly lower". It will never work!! 

In fact, if you even try telling a child, "can you please stand here", it is quite likely that by the time you have stepped back far enough and turned, the child is nowhere close to where you placed him or her. 

Children also have their own rules. They don't smile because you say "look here and smile". That comment will most likely get you a juicy frown! So, how do you take an image of a child?

A glimpse of mischief which comes to surface every now and then..


A moment of connection, where his eyes speak.


The simple beauty of sharing something funny!


To be allowed into the world of a child, you have to become a child yourself. Actually, all you have to do, is allow the child within you to look out ! Then you will see that blissful smile that a child gives when he sees another child.


There is so much beauty in the world of a child. Often, you have to just look, and you will see the laughter happening all on its own.


Sometimes you dance to music that can be heard only if you listen within.


I could go on and on, for I love to work with kids.

Here's one of my favorites - that twinkle in his eye is so captivating.

Children are simple. There world is beautiful! It is direct, happy, full of fun, energy, and love. All you have to do, is enter it....


These images were taken for ASMC


What defines you?

What defines you? 

Is it your profession? Is it your position? Is it the recognitions you have received? Is it your smile? Is it the twinkle in your eyes? Is it the passion in your gaze? Is it the drive in the intensity of your expression? 

A camera, a lense, some light, a location. Are these what are the most important? Is it the photographer that creates the image? 

As I stood before the olympic athletes I felt humbled. Here, before me, were true champions! Each one of them was amazing. I saw before me individuals who were so full of life, so full of energy, so full of pride, yet - so approachable, such wonderful people. 

It was then I realized afresh - I can only shoot what is revealed to me. 

What do I mean? That tilt of the head, that wrinkling of the nose when she laughs, that bicep flexed, that bear hug he gives his mom, that intense gaze…. each of the athletes shared with me beautiful moments, which left me awed. For just a while, they allowed me to enter into a very special world with them.

Love over Bias was an amazing campaign that P&G / MMC asked me to shoot for. Right before me stood these achievers who were at the nadir of their global careers, yet, when I looked through my lens, I saw the love for their moms flow in the most simple, beautiful ways. 

I salute each one of the athletes, and their moms - and I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to share these moments.  

Here are a few images that I had the honor to capture - click on image below to view.

105 years captured in 1/120th of a second

How, I wondered, would I capture the story that has spanned such a humongous span of time. How, I wondered, would I begin to see the emotions evoked by honoring such a stupendous achievement. How, I wondered, would I truly do justice to capturing the depth of something so simple, yet so inspiring - a man coming to work, like he did each day.... except that this 'each day' was his 105th year, or 'seen' differently his 38,325th day!!!

As a photographer, I want to 'see'. 

What is it that I am shooting? Is it a person? It is a place? It is an occupation? Is it an occurence? It is a perspective? It is an emotion? If I don't 'see' it first, I can't reveal it through my lens

The image used by MSN, was one that reflected the pure joy in Anthony's eyes, of seeing his family and friends, and being recognized and given love on this special day. 

Just another ordinary day, doing just another ordinary hair cut! Perhaps, what I saw - and was amazed by, was the satisfaction and joy Anthony got in living each day, being productive, and bringing happiness to the people he interacted with. Suddenly, the mundane became magical. And in that magic, I realized, lay the essence of Anthony's joy. It was not the act of cutting hair which I was seeing through my lens, it was the way in which he touched the lives of those sitting in his chair.

The sheer joy in meeting people who mattered to him, and whom he mattered to, is something me and my lens were thrilled to witness!

How does a man, who has seen 55,188,000 minutes, 'see' time? On this special day, what thoughts and memories must be going through his mind? As I watched Anthony through my lens, as he spoke to people, gave interviews, I witnessed a perfectly still moment that was amazing...

How does a man, who has seen  55,188,000 minutes, 'see' time

As I shot, I found myself smiling behind my camera. There, right before me, I caught a glimpse of a dashing young Anthony. I want you to see him with me.

And amidst all that celebration, laughter, and happiness, just for 1/200th of a second, I saw...

I salute a great man, who, in his humble way, revealed to me what passion for life is... as he sat in his chair, like a king

It was my honor and privilege to have this opportunity to shoot for Gillette / Ketchum, a barber in New York, that will surely make me look at time differently.